Grow Point

Software for Wholesale Nursery and Greenhouse Growers

Advanced Grower Solutions introduces Grow Point, the next generation of business software designed specifically for wholesale nurseries, greenhouses and agribusiness.

Grow Point evolved from over 30 years of software development in the nursery and agricultural market and takes advantage of new technology, improved performance and streamlined procedures and reporting.

Grow Point introduces new and exciting applications to help businesses manage volumes of financial, inventory and accumulated sales data.

  • Order Entry/Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory
  • Sales Management
  • Financial
  • Payroll
  • Cost Accounting
  • Chain Store Accounting/EDI

Grow Point

New Technology

Grow Point is built on Microsoft’s Open Source Visual FoxPro, a product with a proven track-record and used by thousands of software developers worldwide. Visual Foxpro is an ultra-stable, easy to maintain and tightly integrated software development platform. Nearly 80% of Foxpro applications written over the past 25 years are still in use today!

By placing Foxpro into the Open Community, Microsoft gives developers the ability to expand their systems using add-on modules that take advantage of new technology, including Microsoft SQL Server, .NET technologies, Windows 7 and Office 2010.

Grow Point was developed to take advantage of new technology and it’s menu and navigation system and reporting engines are prime examples of how Open Source software is being used by Advanced Grower Solutions.

New Menu System and Security

Improving menu navigation was the first step in developing Grow Point. Using technology adapted from Microsoft Office, AGS developed a menu system unlike anything it’s ever created in the past. The new Grow Point Menu and Navigation system allows user to decide what menu options they use most and quickly add them to a Favorites Menu. So instead of maneuvering through multi-layers of menus to print a sales report, the report is simply added to your Favorites Menu.

Security is another improved enhancement in Grow Point. Setting up User Groups for access into different areas of the system has improved the way users navigate through the system.

New Reporting Capabilities

Reporting as we know it has changed in most software systems. No longer are we limited to just printing reports to paper and today there are several alternatives to printed material. With new reporting options, the term paper-less office is becoming a reality.

  • Export to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML
  • Preview multiple report pages at a time on a single screen
  • Email reports directly from report viewer
  • Create PDF files without additional PDF software

Customer Contact and Prospect Manager

As your customer list grows, so does your need to accurately manage exactly who is buying from you each season. Keeping track of customer contacts, follow-up dates and call back events are essential to outstanding customer service. Grow Point introduces a new addition to help your sales and marketing team get a handle on customers contact.

Customer contact starts with an event manager. Each time you contact a customer an event record can be entered detailing the date time and reason for the contact. Having historical event information available at the touch of a button really simplifies customer contact management. Each event has a follow up date that can be scheduled by date, time and company representative.

The Customer Contact Manager allows each customer to have an unlimited number of customer contacts. With this feature you can quickly track the names and details for all the contact you deal with on a daily basis.

Prospect management is a huge part of your sales and marketing effort. Keeping tabs on people you meet and potential new customers can help your business expand. Staying in touch with prospects sometimes results in gaining a new customer. Included with the Contact Manager is a database dedicated specially to prospects. From the Prospects Database you can easily track name, mailing address, phone numbers, email addresses and notes. When a prospect decides to buy something from you, that information is quickly converted into an actual customer record!

Potting List

Planning production is never an easy task. With Grow Point, the new Potting List helps manage potting dates and events needed to schedule your production crews.

The process starts with a Potting Record. Each Potting Record identifies the plant and size to be potted, quantities and source of the liner, cutting or bare root plant. A Potting List is printed that can be given to a production crew to help manage the work load. When the Potting List is returned to the office, the quantities and newly potted plant locations can be updated on the Potting Record.

When the Potting Record is complete, the newly potted inventory can be updated, with the potted quantities added and the source quantities reduced. This system saves lots of steps in preparing the potting sheets and updating plant quantities!

Tablet Data Collection

Now nursery and greenhouse growers have a fast and easy way to update inventory counts, move plants between locations and size and enter availability and work task comments in the field using a powerful Tablet PC.

The Tablet PC recognizes your handwriting and works just like writing on a piece of paper. The benefit of this technology is that your inventory counts are updated quickly and accurately onto the tablet and easily transferred to your inventory system without duplicati0on of effort or time consuming data entry.

Once data is entered, the tablet is returned to the office and uploaded. All uploaded data is verified and merged and new inventory counts. The Tablet PC is a simple, easy-to-use device that can help you get better, timely control of your inventory availability.

Pull Orders

The Pull Orders application was created to solve a simple problem. The problem was that once a plant was pulled from its growing location and allocated to a sales order, the actual inventory counts were not reduced until the order was posted. Sometimes an order isn’t posted for a few days after shipping to allow the office to catch up or make changes to an order once the signed delivery documents were returned.

Suppose plants for an order were pulled and shipped but not posted and then for whatever reason, the counts on the location were changed? That’s right - the location counts were reduced twice. This event happens constantly when using a Tablet PC to count plant locations.

Pull Orders solves this problem by moving plants pulled from a growing location to a temporary shipping location. This activity reduces the growing location quantities by the amount being pulled and moves those plants to another shipping location. The order being shipped is now allocated to the shipping location and can be posted at any time without the worry of messing up your inventory counts.

Plant Availability Lists

The best way to sell plants is to let your customers know exactly what you have for sale. But it’s not just quantities that sell plants, its detailed information to tell the customer the condition and observation of the plant they are buying. Most nurseries spend days preparing their weekly availability ion Excel. Grow Point changes how you prepare availability!

With Grow Point you can manage multiple availability lists at the same time. You can have lists by plant group, for example, trees and shrubs, ornamentals, grasses, or natives. You can have lists by size, for example, one, and two gallon plants only. You can have lists by plant condition, for example, budding and blooming or retail ready. The different availabilities can be directed to specific customers and keep you from wasting paper or sending someone a list of plants they’ll never buy.

The most impressive feature of the new availability lists are the ability to create Excel spreadsheets for each of your lists. The system allows you to define the output columns in Excel and creates a professional Excel file that you can email to customers. Customer can return the file to you with the quantities that are ordering and you can import the data into a new sales order.

Wholesale Point of Sale Screen

While Grow Point is focused on processing sales orders for wholesale growers, which typically enter large orders for shipping, sometimes a nursery needs a streamlined order entry screen that doesn’t have all the features but allows the ability to quickly enter an order, collect payment and print a copy of the purchase. Whew that was a long sentence. But it sums up the features of the new Wholesale Point of Sale for Grow Point.

With Point of Sale, you can easily enter a new sales order, enter payment information and print a copy of the sales as simple of pressing F1, F2 and F3! If you have a periodic walk-in customers or a small retail operation, the Grow Point POS may just be the answer you need to make these sales a snap to enter. Using all the data found in your customer and inventory database, the Grow Point POS simplifies the process of entering a sales order for a walking customer.